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Meet Dr. Kent Holtorf, Director of the Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance, California

Dr. Kent Holtorf is the medical director of Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance, CA, and all Holtorf Group affiliate centers. Dr. Holtorf is known for lecturing and training many physicians all around the country in hypothyroidism, bioidentical hormones, and complex endocrine dysfunction. He has vast training in the use of different medical treatments that include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease. Dr. Holtorf has made numerous television appearances on different networks including ABC News, CNN and Discovery Health.

The Holtorf Medical Group focuses on only the highest quality medical care and understanding for the best patient outcome. By utilizing only the best medical practices patients are taken care of step by step to improve their quality of life. The innovative treatments and highly-trained physicians can help to create a treatment plan that is specific to the conditions.

The Holtorf Medical Group specializes in and treats a wide range of medical conditions including thyroid disorders, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, bioidentical hormone replacement for both men and women, low libido, weight loss, heart disease, I.V. therapy, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism and more.

Holtorf Medical Group- Meet Dr. Kent Holtorf
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Dr. Holtorf:

Dr. Kent HoltorfHi my name is Dr. Kent Holtorf, medical doctor and medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group. In terms of background, I did undergrad at UCLA then on to St. Louis University School of Medicine for medical school, then back to UCLA for residency.

What we really practice here is for the difficult-to-treat patient that hasn’t been helped elsewhere. I’ve done a number of studies and review articles in endocrinology and on chronic fatigue syndrome really looking at these controversial subjects of why these patients basically don’t get treated well.

So what do we really specialize in? I think it’s a wide range of where the needs are where patients are just falling through the cracks. We do a lot of endocrinology, a lot of infectious disease, basically neurology, psychiatry. You know so many people…they go to psychiatrist and get an anti-depressant but they don’t look at the underlying condition.

So I think how we differ is that we look for the underlying condition. We do a lot of labs that most doctors haven’t even heard of, and really find what’s going wrong you know at the really, the physiologic level rather than just giving meds to cover up a symptom.

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