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Entertainment Industry Tastemakers Matt and Mark Harris a Smash on Hit TV Show “Storage Wars”

Brothers Matt and Mark Harris, known as the ‘Kings of Swag’ are making their return to hit T.V. show “Storage Wars”. After participating in two shows last season as appraisers, they made such an impression that the producers brought them back as part of the main cast of buyers. You can now see them every week this season on Storage Wars.


Twin brothers Matt and Mark Harris

Matt and Mark are natives of Los Angeles and industry tastemakers who enjoy the finer things in life. The twin brothers have created a business in which they  present many brands of swag to top A-list celebrities and VIPs. For the past 20 years they have been known for their luxurious gifting suites and star-studded events. The gifting suites have hosted countless celebrities for events such as The GRAMMYs, The Oscars, The Golden Globes and many more.

Matt and Mark made their return to Storage Wars on March 18, 2013, when the twin brothers returned to the hit TV show as buyers, participating in the bids for the ultimate storage unit. The Kings of Swag were featured on a previous season of Storage Wars when their fellow Storage Wars  castmember Barry Weiss came to them to evaluate an iconic Star Wars jacket that he won in a bid.

Matt and Mark Harris are the newest breakout stars of the Storage Wars series and made a huge splash with fans in their first effort competing on the show. In their first episode, the brothers managed to buy a locker for $45 and found a unique olive press, raking in a profit of over $850.

Kings of Swag with Storage Wars competitors Darrel Sheets and son Brandon

Kings of Swag with Storage Wars competitors Darrel Sheets and son Brandon

The dynamic duo seemed to fit right in and proved once again their skills as significant competitors. Bringing style and swag everywhere they go the hardworking brothers won’t disappoint with their engaging and fun personalities.

They founded WOW! Creations back in 2004, which presents entertainment marketing, global strategy brand promotion and celebrity gifting. They are also judges for various Miss USA beauty pageants. Now celebrities in their own right, Matt and Mark are working on a reality show of their own.

WOW! Creations' Matt  and Mark Harris with William Shatner.

WOW! Creations’ Matt and Mark Harris with William Shatner.

You can also catch them on their radio show every Wednesday at 12 Noon on

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