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Tune in To New Weekly Radio Show Hosted by The Tastemakers, Matt and Mark Harris on


LA natives Mark Harris and Matt Harris have a flair for the fabulous and a passion for life. The twin brothers have always shared an affinity for the finer things in life, which led them to create their very popular and entertaining brand known as “The Tastemakers”.

"The Tastemakers" Mark Harris and Matt Harris.

“The Tastemakers” Mark Harris and Matt Harris.

I asked them when they began their business in the entertainment media field. They said they like to refer to the famous line in the film, Get Shorty: “What’s the point of living in LA, if you’re not in the business some way?” They thought, “How could we live here and not be associated somehow?” And that was a key component for them to decide to make their transition from both having careers in the finance world for over 20 years, to pursing their passion and creating their thriving business known as WOW! Creations Media.

Mark and Matt’s background of finance and marketing allowed a natural transition to the field of entertainment gifting. For the last 10 years, Matt and Mark Harris have been known for their lavish Hollywood gifting lounges and gift bags for award shows such as the Oscars, the Emmys, the GRAMMYS and more.

[youtube][/youtube] Watch Mark and Matt Harris in a video from one of their Oscar Gifting Lounges.

Judging Beauty

They have also been in demand as judges, and have participated in judging beauty pageants including Miss California USA, Miss Nevada USA, Miss Illinois USA and many others.

Regulars in a Hit TV Show

And in April, you will be able to see them as the new cast members in the hit TV show “Storage Wars” on A&E, which they were invited to be a part of when the marketing director saw them in action at a beauty pageant, and thought they’d be great on the show. He was right!


The Tastemakers Radio Show

Premiering next week, March 13th, will feature “The Tastemakers”, Mark and Matt Harris, in their own weekly one-hour radio show, every Wednesday, from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m., once a week.

Who better than The Tastemakers, Mark and Matt Harris, to bring their affinity for the good life to your every day?

They have traveled the world providing gifting for Award shows to  ABC’s “The Bachelor to the Sundance Film Festival, Kentucky Derby, Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss USA to William Shatner charities, to around the world, from London, Toronto, the Bahamas and more.

Along the way they have met and rubbed shoulders with incredible celebrities and notable people including President Bill Clinton, Mexican President Vicente Fox, Prince Albert of Monaco, Michael Jordan, Quentin Tarantino, Dewayne Wade, Donald Trump, William Shatner, John O’Hurley, Tim Allen, Kurt Russell, Gene Simmons, Eva Longoria and many, many more.

Matt and Mark Harris enjoy speaking with Bill Clinton.

Matt and Mark Harris enjoy speaking with Bill Clinton.

Being experts who are well-versed in everything from fashion to travel, to food and top, new innovative brands, they are able to discuss anything and everything to do with the wonderful world of luxury, the good life, and to share their expertise and fine tastes with the world through their radio show.

Think of it as the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 2013” on radio. Take a midday escape to explore your favorite things in life with The Tastemakers, and dream of  luxury living, exquisite cars, travel, celebrities, cigars, whiskey, Porches, fine clothing, fashion, style, spirits, cigars and more, even if for only an hour. It will enrich your day!

Mark and Matt Harris with Mary J. Blige

Mark and Matt Harris with Mary J. Blige

Matt and Mark will also feature celebrity guests from the entertainment industry, and VIP influencers on their show.

Be sure to set your reminder for Wednesdays, from 12 noon to 1 p.m. every week to to hear The Tastemakers. 

Experience lifestyles of the rich and famous in 2013 on the radio with The Tastemakers.

The Harris Brothers are also currently shopping around their own reality show “The Kings of Swag” and working on a Documentary about their lives.

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