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Jewelry Designer Orit Launches Tiro Jewelry Line

Artists are people who are truly passionate about their creativity.  Everywhere they go and everything they see becomes a source of inspiration for a new creation.  They never stop creating.  Walking through a park becomes an endless sea of designs, colors and shapes.  Jewelry designer Orit never stops doodling.  She is constantly designing and re-designing, coloring and re-coloring.  The creativity flows effortlessly from her as if nothing she draws is ever a mistake, but more an idea emerging into a design.

“I started making jewelry about five years ago,” said Orit.  “I have always loved wearing jewelry and so, I have absolutely loved making it.  I am very creative in my thinking and I have always been drawn to unique and big looking pieces.  Early on I did some work with glass, but jewelry was the perfect next step for me.  I love designing it more than anything.”

After living in the U.S. for about 20 years, Orit decided to head to Europe.  She had always loved traveling and thought at this time in her life, she needed to go abroad.  “I left for about five years traveling throughout Europe and then I lived in Israel for three years before I came back to the U.S. two years ago,” said Orit.  It was during her travels that her creativity for jewelry started to flow.  “I had the opportunity to study and pursue what I was dreaming of doing with jewelry.  I did take some jewelry studies in Israel and some in the U.S. when I got back.  I studied it because there is a lot to know about jewelry making and I wanted to do it right.  I still have a lot to learn.” Her travels to Europe had nothing to do with her decision to study jewelry making, but the opportunity came and Orit grabbed her chance to learn. Her designs were well received and the compliments kept coming.

When it comes to her designs, Orit does what she likes and not necessarily what is in style at the moment.  She relies on bold, confident designs that are fun and exciting to wear.  “Obviously when you look at the pieces you are see things that no one else is making,” said Orit.  “People just say ‘Wow!’ when they see them.  The proof is in the pudding.  I look at jewelry as the color on the painting; what makes the outfit.  I honestly just get an idea and I translate it by creating it.”

Her new jewelry line Tiro is for the confident woman who wants to make a statement.  “The name Tiro is a play off my name Orit,” said Orit.  “The most comments I get from this line are how unique each of the pieces are.  They are crazy and dramatic ideas!  Everything around me inspires me and I never know exactly what I’m going to make, but once I sketch it out and put colors to it…it’s wonderful! It’s a very free spirit line.  It’s theatrical with a flamboyant look.  It’s not like costume jewelry at all.  I love class and I love high-end pieces.  We are expressing ourselves through what we wear and I wanted to combine high-end style with my own designs.”

With her bold designs, Orit is hoping to see women everywhere from confident celebrities to women who are still on the shy side making a statement with her jewelry.  “I would love for Lady Gaga to wear my pieces because I think they would fit her style,” said Orit. “These items are unique and that’s exactly what she is.  People wear my jewelry because of its unique individual character.  I’m looking for women who are very self-assured, fun, and strong who feel confident about themselves.  I would love to see my pieces on celebrities, in movies and on the runways. I want to see strong women and even shy women wear my pieces.  Let them come out a bit and be bold.”

In the coming months, Orit will be introducing two new lines that will be geared towards men and pets.  Currently, her jewelry is exclusively available online, but it won’t be long before women begin to see her designs in boutiques and the runways.

“We should be individuals and let ourselves express who we are,” said Orit.  “I will always deliver my ideas and the pieces are selling themselves.  This combination is wonderful and the world is always looking for new and interesting things.  When a woman buys something she likes, she makes a statement and creates interest!”

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