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Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso Speaks about the Art of Manifestation

In this article I am going to talk to you about the Art of Manifestation.

When I speak of Manifestation, I am speaking about the act of bringing our thoughts into reality. That is to say, manifestation is the practice of bringing about desired results that began initially as a thought in our minds. For example, when I discover that I need something that is beyond my normal ability to produce, I employ the Art of Manisfestation to bring it into reality.

As a race of people, we have been practicing the Art of Manifestation for at least 50,000 years. How do we know this? We know it as a result of our discovery of ancient paintings in caves that are located in France and Italy. When those cave paintings were first discovered Archaeologists and Anthropologists thought that the paintings were made to commemorate special events. Primarily, these paintings depict the successful hunt or the animals that were the object of the hunt. Early man made these paintings between 50,000 and 35,000 years ago.

As more and more of these paintings were discovered scientists came to another startling conclusion. They realized that the paintings were most likely placed on the cave walls in order to bring the successful hunt into reality. The cave during this period in our history was a sacred place. We know it was sacred because the sacred rites of initiation for young boys and girls who had reached puberty were performed in the interior caves.

It is thought that early mankind believed that the source of all life energy emanated from the center of the earth through the caves on their way to the surface of our planet. They believed that this energy was sent forth by an intelligent Spirit of the Earth.

Remember that early mankind during this period wielded very little power over their environment. They had to search long and hard for their prey. And while the tribe waited for an animal as large as the Woolly Mammoth to stray into their territory they must have gotten very hungry.

In their desperation they began to figure out ways to influence the Spirit of the Earth in order to get the things they needed for their survival. The cave paintings were placed on the walls of the cave in the belief that the energy from the Spirit of the Earth would pass by and be influenced to create what was needed for the tribe.

The cave paintings are artifacts that lead us to believe that this was one of the first attempts by mankind to manifest their destiny. We have been practicing it in one form or another since then. In addition to the cave paintings we have also discovered crude soft-lava sculptures of women with extended bellies and swollen breasts.

The sculptures were probably carved and left near the women in the caves in the belief that they, too, would become pregnant resulting from the constant influence from the pregnant-like sculptures. This is one form of manifestation. The paintings and the lava sculptures are attempting to employ the Principle of Magic by Contagion.

That is to say that mankind believed that everything on Earth had a consciousness whether it was animate or inanimate. And when you remained in close proximity to any dissimilar object its consciousness (or vibration) would affect yours. In a sense, we basically believe that there is a constant blending of consciousness here in the physical realm.

So, mankind placed the paintings where they knew the Earth Spirit would pass by it and be influenced by its vibration.  They believed that they were altering the consciousness of the Spirit by producing the painting which also had a consciousness. If you think about it, this is a very complex set of thoughts for a race of people who seemingly had very little technology and knowledge.

I believe that when we first gained sentience (became aware of our existence) an operating system was started up and is still running in each one of us. Carl Jung, the famous Swedish Psychiatrist, called this operating system “The Collective Unconsciousness”. He believed that this was the knowledge that is inherited by each one of us. That inherited knowledge is most likely the source of our innate practice of manifestation. Each one of us believes in it and practices it every day of our lives.

Carl Jung went on in later years to discuss the creation of reality. He stated that reality was created in our minds first. He stated that by simply thinking something, its creation was begun. He also theorized that anything we could think of could come into being as a result. This can be explained by a second important principle. That principle is the Principle of Duality.

This principle runs our Universe entirely. It states that when anything is created its mirror image must be created at the same time. So the birth of our thought, which is non-physical, causes something physical to be created. This duality is obvious everywhere in the Universe. It creates action and reaction, up and down, in and out, positive and negative, on and off, male and female and so on.

Duality is running the computers that we are all using right now. We call it the binary system. Basically our computers are running on yes or no and 0 and 1. The most important aspect of duality in this discussion is that balance is being created constantly around us. If any one thing were created without its counterpart it would create chaos in our Universe.

When we choose to manifest we have to remember that we need to create balance. It is incorrect to use manifestation to someone else’s disadvantage. For example, if I manifest a pile of money in the middle of my living room I may have unwittingly created unbalance.

Where did this money come from? Did it come from my neighbors or from the vault of the local bank? If so, I have affected those people negatively because I gain and they lose. That is incorrect manifestation.

Instead of magically creating it, I need to attract this money in a way that balance is maintained. I will have to employ a law to correctly manifest this money that I need.
That law is known as the Law of Attraction. This law is similar to Magic by Contagion. Here we attract things to us by vibrating around them.

Let’s say that I need more money to live comfortably. I cannot get a sufficient raise at work to accomplish this. So what do I do? I begin to manifest a new job that will pay me more money. Once I decide on the new job I simply immerse myself in it.

Let’s say I want a new career as a stockbroker. I will walk, talk, eat and sleep the stock market. My friends will be sick to death about hearing any more about it because that’s my total focus. I will take courses that are related to the stock market and my classmates will become my good friends. They are also immersed in their desire to work in the stock market. Their stock-market consciousness increases the level of my stock-market consciousness and vice versa.

I am now a stockbroker by virtue of my immersion in it.

Eventually, I will attract the right situation that will allow me to work as a stock broker. And I did it without creating imbalance. I did it as a result in my firm belief that I would become what I desired and my action. The most important element in manifestation is the belief that it will work.

Sometimes we don’t need to do anything more than believe that we can manifest. For example, let’s say you want to attract a relationship with a man or a woman. In days gone by, you would get a love potion from a Gypsy and slip it into a drink for the object of your desire. Again, this would create imbalance as the object of your desire has no interest in you. You will have circumvented their free will.

Here the best way to attract a mate is to firmly believe that he or she will come to you. You need to “see” that in your mind and reaffirm constantly that he or she is coming to you. Have a general idea of the qualities that you are looking for but don’t be too specific. And then you need to relax and reaffirm the event or thing you need to attract until it manifests. You repeat this affirmation daily so that the attraction continues.

I personally have employed the Art of Manifestation many times in my life with great success. I have prevailed in situations that no one believed that I would prevail. I simply believed with all of my being that the outcome was as I saw it in my mind.

You can manifest even more successfully in an altered state of consciousness. When we start to go to sleep we drop into an Alpha state. That state is divided into 4 levels. The Alpha One Level is where daydreaming occurs. This is where you go when you’re driving down the road and suddenly realize that you haven’t been paying attention to the road at all. You were daydreaming.

This is where we go to figure solutions to problems. This is called the Rhythm of Genius state. Both hemispheres of the brain are balancing. Here we have the Principle of Duality in action within us by the creation of this balance. This is the best state to go to for Manifestation.

In the Alpha One state your 5 senses are cut off so that you can focus entirely on something. Daydreaming, contrary to popular belief, can be a good thing. This is where you can best focus entirely the object of your manifestation. You are creating the non-physical reality in your mind and so it’s dual counterpart in the physical world is being created, too.

The Daydreaming state can be achieved easily by sitting in a chair and focusing on the desired results or during a meditation. Again, you need to repeat this process over and over again to continue the attraction of your desire.

In summary, we have been practicing Manifestation for over 50,000 years. It is something that we have always done and will most likely always do. This may be an inherited trait that we all possess.

Manifestation comes as a result of three principles or laws. They are the Principle of Duality, the Principle of Magic by Contagion and the Law of Attraction.

We begin to manifest when the first thought of what we need occurs. We help to manifest by immersing ourselves in the vibration of the thing or event that we wish to create. And we attract the object of our manifestation as a result of that immersion.

Cheri Mancuso

When we attempt to manifest we must do it in a way that creates balance in the universe.

And, lastly, daydreaming, meditation and the belief in the power of manifestation increases the force of the attraction.

In the end, your destiny has always laid within your hands. What will you do to create it?

© Cheri Mancuso  2011

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