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Eric Glennie Ties Make Hollywood Debut in Time for Father’s Day

Out of all the fashion trends come and gone, the tie has stayed and will continue to prevail as the singular accessory for the gentleman who wants to look polished and professional. A new necktie line by Eric Glennie was introduced to the world at WOW! Creation’s ABC’s Official Gift Lounge. And not only have they been seen on ESPN, but now on prime time as Eric Glennie Ties are being worn on “Bachelor Pad” on Monday June 6th in Los Angeles.

L: Eric Glennie Congruent Tie, R: Traditional Tie

Eric Glennie is not only a men’s fashion designer but also a wizard inventor. He has patented his new collar designs for men’s dress shirts with his US patented diagonal congruent inline necktie. That’s fancy lingo for getting those stripes running the same way from the knot to the actual tie. Way to mix fashion and scientific design, Mr Glennie.

ABC starts their second season of their huge hit show “Bachelor Pad”. The sexiest participants from their hugely successful “Bachelor” franchise reunite under one roof in a competitive reality series to compete for a whopping $250k. What better way to introduce Eric Glennie ties to the world than seeing them on the handsome and eligible bachelors of “Bachelor Pad”?

WOW! Creations is a Los Angeles based Celebrity Gift Lounge Host / Celebrity Marketing Agency who provides innovative event production gift experiences and promotional marketing, and Celebrity Outreach Lounges for Award Shows, Film Festivals, Sport events, Charity Events, parties and individual gifting experiences since 2004.

Just in time for Father’s Day, help your Dad or the father of your kids get his stripes in line with an Eric Glennie Tie.

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