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Invisible System Takes World Fusion Music to a New Level with New CD Street Clan

Master musician Dan Harper and Invisible System has once again orchestrated a fusion masterpiece with his new CD Street Clan. With a more aggressive tone than last years Punt (Made in Ethiopia), Street Clan combines a European base with a Jamaican groove and an Ethiopian feel.

At first listen, I thought this CD would be great for a London or West Hollywood underground club. The second listen made me think it really needs to be played with hundreds of people in a mosh pit. After playing it everyday for a week, I finally realized this CD is perfect for one person in a mosh pit with hundreds of wild animals! This is mass confusion at its best! You will not be able to decide if you should go to a hip club or go on an African safari. Either way, the music is superb and the human expression is amazing.

Street Clan has grabbed graffiti from an international wall and transferred the meaning behind it into music. With a cast of experienced musicians from around the world, Invisible System’s Street Clan gets another five star review!

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Written by Duke James


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  1. Rock N Reel/R2 Mag



    Street Clan


    Following Invisible System’s acclaimed, award nominated, debut *Punt (Made
    In Ethiopia)* comes this second eclectic helping of global fusion that once
    again knocks any preconceptions of ‘world music’ into a cocked hat. As with
    its predecessor *Street Clan* brings together Ethiopian musicians with
    members of bands as diverse as Hole, Portishead, Little Axe, Eat Static and
    The Ozric Tentacles and, just to make things even more interesting, adds a
    couple of Jamaican reggae vocalists, (Sydney Salmon from Shashamene,
    Ethiopia and Dennis Wint who Invisible System main man Dan Harper bumped
    into in Frome High Street) to the mix. Their involvement adds yet another
    dimension to an album that leads you along until you think you’ve got handle
    on proceedings before throwing a curve ball and setting off in a totally
    different direction. Spontaneous, joyous and full of sonic surprises it’s an
    unlikely endeavour where anything can, and often does, happen, with
    Ethiopian and Jamaican voices merging over music that ranges from beat heavy
    psychedelic guitar driven Krautrock (‘Live Up To Love’)to disjointed
    thrash-punk guitar and drums with traditional Ethiopian instruments (‘Mutant
    Miners’) and with every possible variation between. It really shouldn’t
    work, but it does and wonderfully so.

  2. Terry Mail

    Great review :)

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