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Finding a First Class Dana Point House Painter

Do you live in the romantic harbor city of Dana Point, California? Looking to remodel but are concerned about finding a qualified house painter for the job? A first class Dana Point house painter will be able to answer all questions and produce the necessary documents to make homeowners feel safe and secure with their investment. Don’t trust any house painting company who refuses to share licensing, insurance or certification information. Homeowners who hire a company who is not properly insured and certified are liable for the costs associated with any accidents that happen on the job, including property damage and even extending to health claims of employees injured while working for the company who was uninsured or who did not set up worker’s compensation.

Many of the homes in Dana Point, CA reflect the unique charm of the popular surfing destination and beautiful harbor. Whether they are the historic homes of the historic Lantern Village or the Spanish style houses built in the Capistrano Beach area, Dana Point house painters have the task of updating homes to match the picturesque city. Often, asking for a recommendation from a homeowner whose house has been updated to satisfaction is the best way to find the best Dana Point house painter. Testimonials, portfolios and websites are all tools Dana Point house painters use to advertise their services and to gain the trust of potential clients.


Protecting Your Home with a Dana Point House Painter

Homes located right off the water deal with sun damage, wind and water damage regularly. The best way to protect a home is to find a qualified Dana Point house painter to ensure all exterior paint is thick enough to protect the materials beneath. Protecting the surfaces that make up the skeleton of the home with regular coats of quality paint can end up saving homeowners money due to a lack of having to invest in more substantial repairs and home maintenance. When a homeowner waits too long before hiring a Dana Point house painter to update paint, the house might already needs repair from peeling paint, dry rot, mold, mildew and water damage. Damage can be costly to repair and it will take more time for the house painters to prepare, which can substantially add to labor costs.

Interior paint protects the home as well. Wear and tear on high traffic walls which can lead to cracks and holes can be slowed down by using high-gloss and oil-based paints in those areas which are easier to clean and whose finish will last longer. During an initial walk-through, have the Dana Point house painter suggest what type of paint would be best for each area of the house. Inquire about the average length of time the paint will last before needing a new coat. A first-class Dana Point house painter will be able to suggest the right paint to protect areas that deal with a lot of water and humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Interested in applying faux finishes to the interior or exterior of a home? Inquire about the durability of the plans, and what can be done to preserve the finish for the longest time. Many faux finishes add a much thicker layer of protection than a standard few coats of paint due to the several coats of paint and added textures they require. Textured brick, stucco, Venetian plaster and stone finishes are all popular faux finishes. Ask to see a variety of examples and photos when choosing a Dana Point house painting company to resurface walls, ceilings, floors or exterior surfaces.

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