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Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso Predictions – Looking Ahead in 2011! Predictions

As I do every year, I publish a list of predictions for the New Year ahead. In addition to my psychic ability, I use my knowledge of Numerology to aid me as well. Last year, 2010, was a 3 year (2+0+1+0 = 3) and so 2011 is a 4 year.

The four year indicates that everything about the earth will come to the forefront. The unusual number of natural disasters will more than likely be carried on into this year from last year. We are already seeing evidence of that in the daily news.

Financially, the four-year is a great year to build a new financial foundation. This gives the countries around the world that are in bad financial shape an opportunity to turn their misfortunes around. There will have to be some painful sacrifices made in order to achieve this but it can be done. Changes will have to be made to ensure that the cause of their economic misfortune is not repeated. Those in the U.S. who have lost everything to the bad economy can expect to pick up their lives and finally move forward,

If you can afford it, this is an excellent year to buy undeveloped land. Be sure that you are purchasing all of the water, gas and mineral rights along with the property. Water is going to become white gold sometime soon in the future. Be sure that there will be no fracturing for natural gas in the vicinity of your new piece of land. Fracturing can destroy your natural supply of water.

Lastly, there is a master number in this year. The eleven in 2011 indicates that we will be challenged to master something important this year. Don’t shy away from adversity when it approaches you. Face it squarely and master it or it may master you. This eleven-influence presents us with an opportunity to truly learn a major karmic lesson. Also, because the eleven is the Master Psychic number, we all are more psychic than usual all year!

And now, as promised, here is my Annual list of Predictions for the Year 2011:

* The situation in the Middle East will become more turbulent. There will be more unrest as well around the globe. This will come about as a result of the anger people worldwide are feeling over their worsening economic conditions.

* The housing market in the U.S. will continue to fall at a slow rate for the next five years.

* President Obama’s rating will be up in the spring but it will drop again by September of this year.

* Their will be another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico but not as large as the Deepwater spill.

* Consumer food prices will continue to rise in the U.S.

* The Republicans will hold up the implementation of the new Healthcare Bill for the next two years. After that, Congress will completely revise it before it is implemented.

* Sarah Palin will decide against running for president in 2012.

* Conditions stemming from 2011 will cause food shortages worldwide in 2012.

* Gold and Silver prices will continue to climb all year.

* California and four other states in the Union will decide to file for bankruptcy.

* The Democrats and Republicans will continue their quarrels in 2011.

* Around the fall of 2011 we will see some early signs of improvement in the US economy.

* Birds and fishes will continue to perish mysteriously around the globe. My guides indicate to me that this is happening due to unusual climate conditions.

* New medical breakthroughs that have come about as a result of stem cell research will be published in 2011.

* A European president will be assassinated this year.

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