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Eliminate Chronic Pain Through Alternative Pain Treatment – Titus Motion Therapy

Chronic pain is an intense and unique experience for each person who has to endure it. Many people turn to alternative pain treatments because pain medication surgeries, and physical therapy provide little to no relief.

Whether a patient wants to eliminate chronic pain caused by disease, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel, back pain or if they want to eliminate pain that is the result of an injury like an ACL tear, Titus Motion Therapy works effectively as an alternative pain treatment for all types of chronic pain.

Titus Motion Therapy has a unique approach that touts a 95% success rate as a therapy used to eliminate chronic pain and is non-invasive, making it safer than pain medication and surgery.

Titus Motion Therapy provides an individualized assessment and set of exercises unique to the way the each person moves their body. Frank Titus, the creator of Titus Motion Therapy is a leading exercise therapist and pain elimination expert who recognizes that the secret to eliminating the cause of chronic pain lies in correcting each individual’s improper postural habits and dysfunctional movement patterns. Most exercise therapy or physical therapy regimens typically address the symptoms of pain rather than the actual cause. Titus Motion Therapy understands that every person has a unique way they hold their body that must be taken into account to know the right exercises needed to eliminate chronic painFrank Titus, creator of Titus Motion Therapy.

Titus Motion Therapy is an 8 week alternative pain treatment which consists of a set several exercises chosen each week after an evaluation of posture, gait pattern or walking stride. This alternative pain treatment does not include any special equipment or procedures and is simple enough to be received via Skype (a free video teleconferencing web service) from anywhere in the world. Skype enables a Titus Motion Therapy specialist to interact with the person interested in eliminating chronic pain live through a

telephone call with video chat. Both Frank and the patient have webcams that enable them to see each other, and allow them to communicate body movements. The best alternative pain treatments do not require any form of pain medication will be easily accessible for anyone with a desire to eliminate chronic pain. Titus Motion Therapy can be accessed by clients worldwide, which gives piece of mind when it comes to caring for the body.

Once the patient has been fully evaluated, they are given several movement exercises to help them eliminate the specific chronic pain they are suffering from. Titus Motion Therapy utilizes over 300 unique movements, stretches and exercises making it an alternative pain therapy that is more in tune with the individual person than other physical therapy methods.

After the patient has done the exercises for a week, they are re-evaluated and given a new set of customized exercises to help eliminate chronic pain.

Titus Motion Therapy is an alternative pain treatment with proven results, and is trusted by clients of all ages and professions including professional athletes, doctors and yoga teachers. With an alternative pain treatment like Titus Motion Therapy a person never has feel they must rely on pain medication or surgery to eliminate chronic pain ever again.

Titus Motion Therapy

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