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Enoch Tan Unlocks the Door to Your Mind’s Reality

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Scientist and writer Enoch Tan shares his insights on the mind and reality through his website, While many speak abstractly about realizing your goals in life, Enoch offers a concrete assessment of the laws of the universe and how to master them by offering a fully comprehensive and contextual analysis of knowledge and truth. Cultivated through his work and writings in mind science and universal science, Enoch’s teachings are articulated in compelling and easy to understand articles.

Simply stated, Enoch’s goals (as he notes at are:

  • To help people achieve higher awareness in living and experiencing life
  • To impact the world in the biggest way possible
  • To change lives and to create possibility

From the Inside Out

Contemporary society focuses heavily on improving our lives through external means. We turn to cosmetic surgery to alter our appearance while iPhones and other mobile devices are used to address our efficiency. While this approach seeks to improve from the outside – in, Enoch believes we are better served by trying to enhance our lives from the inside – out. This shift, what Enoch calls The Age of Consciousness, is fundamental to the writings and teaching resources available at the Mind Reality website. Instead of endlessly looking for the right toy to buy, Enoch focuses on understanding your mind and outlook on life so you’re prepared to realize life goals and dreams.

Mind Reality

For Enoch, Mind Reality is about providing more than just the basic information about the laws of the universe. Where other resources stop is where Enoch’s Mind Reality website really revs up as Enoch seeks to transcend the typical descriptive writings on what the universe is by exploring how you can leverage those universal laws to your own benefit.

This is Enoch’s world, the Mind Reality of mind science and universal science. On, Enoch identifies the different levels and layers of the mind. Like any analytical endeavor, his writings and teachings is driven by appreciating the relationships between the layers of the mind through categorization and integration.

Mind Levels

The mind is similar to other systems because it too can be defined by a basic framework and structure. Enoch’s Mind Reality Model and his writings on the subject serve as a primer to understanding this framework and structure. Through integration and differentiation, definition and organization, Enoch writes about the Mind’s process in compelling and easy to understand language. The sub-levels of the mind explored at include:

  • Parapsychology and Metaphysical Level
  • Psychological Level
  • Physical Level
  • Quantum Physical Level

Mind Science

Mind Science is a comprehensive term for all subjects related to the mind. It includes both Brain Science (physical elements like the nervous system and physical senses) and Spiritual Science, the elements of the mind with a spiritual and psychological basis.

An underlying theme throughout Enoch’s writings is an appreciation for the relationship between the physical and spiritual. What relates to the mind also relates to our reality. Simply put, our mind affects our reality just as our reality affects our mind. Mind Science brings this all together by comprehensively assessing Universal Science, Psychology and Physics.

Psychological Level

The psychological level includes Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and Philosophy. Enoch contends that psychology is fundamental to mind science because “It is the understanding of how perception governs behavior. How we think affects everything else”.

Physical Level

The physical level relates to the subject of Neuroscience. It allows for an understanding of how the mind works from a neurological and biological viewpoint. Enoch uses the physical level to assess and understand the neurological and biological processes that result from our thoughts or emotions.

Quantum Physical Level

The Quantum Physical Level pertains to Metaphysics, the construct of all physical reality. At the quantum level, Enoch shows how everything comes back to energy itself and subsequently how we are able to enhance our lives through understanding our energy.

Parapsychology and Metaphysical Level

Parapsychology relates to the highest level of the mind, the psychic level. At this level the mind is capable of performing acts that seem to exceed our normal expectations. It is here where the impossible becomes possible. In his writings Enoch explores Parapsychology so that you can maximize your potential.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of all reality. This includes the relationship between the mind and matter. In other words it explores appearance vs. substance and form vs. essence. Enoch explains how we can use our understanding of Metaphysics and Parapsychology to solve problems.

Mind Reality Model

Bringing it all together is Enoch’s view of the Mind Reality Model. According to Enoch Tan, something that exists on one level is reflected on every other level. Affecting one level with a change will also have an impact on the other levels of the mind. Enoch writes that “The four levels of reality form the model of mind reality. The aim is to prevent isolating the study of the mind with a single approach and to work together with all the levels in an integrated, holistic and complete way. Complete perspective is complete knowledge and understanding”. Through his writings Enoch illustrates how a person can use a comprehensive and all-inclusive understanding of the mind and universe to achieve goals in relationships, careers, finances and more.

Enoch Tan and Mind Reality

Enoch Tan’s writings on the mind and universe are available at The site is comprised of both free content and a paid subscription section which goes even further in exploring how we can derive an understanding and mastery of our mind. Through his articles Enoch discusses how you can leverage that knowledge to achieve goals in relationships, careers, money and many more areas of life.

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