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ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion Gifts Emmy Stars at Mix Media Luxury Lounge

Two days of eco-friendliness and green cheer Emmy gifting was had by all the best of Hollywood at the ALIVE Expo Green Pavilion and Mix Media Luxury Lounge. The event benefited Project Green & The Creative Coalition’s Art & Soul coffee table book featuring a collection of celebrity photos by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith.

Tom Arnold and Stacy Broff happily showing support in going green.

Tom Arnold and Stacy Broff happily showing support in going green.

Debi Mazar said she came out to support the Creative Coalition. Debi enthusiastically said, “ I have kids and I feel strongly about arts and education. It’s a very important part of their life.”

Here are the other A-listers that came out to support the charities and celebrate going green: Andy Serkis, Christian Clemenson, joined Amy Brenneman, Candice Cameron Bure, Antonio Sabato Jr., Tom Arnold, Daphne Zuniga, Debi Mazar, Andrea Bowen, Michael McGrady (NBC’s Southland), and Sara Rue. The Proposal’s funny guy Oscar Nunez, along with cutie pie Isabella Acres (Better Off Ted). Lorna Scott, Lee Reherman, (Showtime’s Look), Jane Graves, Corey Reynolds, Christina Robinson (Dexter), Kenny Johnston (Saving Grace), and Cassidy Lehrman (Entourage) where amongst the crowd too.

Michael McGrady signing the Project Green chair.

Michael McGrady from NBC's Southland signs the Project Green chair.

The fabulous green goods the stars were treated to were Dr. Garth Fisher’s new line of skin care products, Cellceutical SkinCare, Diamond Nexus, Lab Generated Diamonds and Jewels, as well as all the new natural products from Aubrey Organics.

Cellceutical Skin Care

Dr. Garth and his lovely wife Jessica.

Dr. Garth Fisher of Cellceutical and his lovely wife Jessica.

Garth Fisher’s new product, Cellceutical SkinCare, had a throng of guests wanting to know more about his new skin care line so we asked him for some skin tips for any age. Gary said emphatically, “Obviously everyone benefits from improving the quality of their skin and Paul and I have finally come up with what we believe is the most effective skin care system on the planet.

The award-winning CellCeuticals skin care system makes older skin behave as if it younger, and actually optimizes the performance of younger skin. You will definitely see and feel the difference!  Patients with “extra skin and sagging tissues”, will need not only support, but also will need excision of extra skin to provide a youthful appearance.”

Three Cheers for Bust-ease and Sonic Slimmers

Kathleen Kirkwood and E! News Producer, Lesley Robbins with their Bust-ease.

Kathleen Kirkwood and E! News Producer, Lesley Robins with their Bust-ease.

Enhance the appearance of your bust line with these Kathleen Kirkwood’s Bust-ease Ultra-Sonic cups. The feather-light, seamless design offers a lifted look in bathing suits, body suits, or dresses, while wicking away moisture. LA’s The Place asked some female celebrities what they thought of Bust-Ease and Sonic Slimmers.

Here’s some of the fantastic feedback:

“I am a new mom, and need a lift! Great for easy transformations in future shows and performances”–  Beth Stolarczyk from MTV’s “THE REAL WORLD”• “In Hollywood, the amplified bossom is key to success, especially in the Horror Genre.“– Lorelle Newl from “GRIND HOUSE“ by Quentin Tarintino, Roadhouse Productions• “Bust ease will fit right and will be for future performances and costumes!!”– Janita Hiphill, Jaquesha Hemphill & Jacoby from ‘HEMPHILL KIDS” teen band• “A real push up like Bust-ease will give one the ideal help to have a perfect cleavage for red carpet. Don’t spend thousands on plastic surgery when you can have Bust-ease”  – Julia Verdin from “THE LEAST AMOUNG YOU” by HBO films• “Bust ease are great to create cleavage when you don’t have any.”– Candice Afia from ABC’s “GREY’S ANATOMY”• “On the red carpet nobody likes their foundations to outshine their dress. Now I can guarantee my clients a Malfunction-Free Wardrobe”– Catherine Wright, Emmy Red Carpet host and interviewer• “I am sick of control top tights. Sonic Slimmers is the perfect solution”– Amy Nicoletto from “LA INK” on TLC• “Chicken cutlets are heavy and these even work with implants. For lift…no double bubble” – Crystal Aguilar on ABC Family• “Sonic Slimmers are light so I won’t feel constricted and you can wear it daily instead of just for events.”– Lonni Paul from ”DESIGN STAR” on HGTV• “Bust-ease is genius – Sonic Slimmers gorgeous…nice combination!”– Cassidy Lehrman in “ENTOURAGE” from HBO Films• “Bust-ease makes women feel SEXY!” – Mae Wang from “COUGARTOWN” on ABCALIVE.

ALIVE! Expo’s Patrycja Siewert-Towns, Kim Shimmel with Amy Brenneman. Patrycja is wearing  an Ann-Made recycled bracelet.

ALIVE! Expo’s Patrycja Siewert-Towns, Kim Shimmel with Amy Brenneman. Patrycja is wearing an Ann-Made recycled bracelet.

Ann-Made, LLC, maker of environmental jewelry using post-consumer soda can tabs with wire and bead embellishments. Recent recipient of the Green America Seal of Approval.

ALIVE! Expo Sponsors

The generous sponsors of ALIVE Expo were as follows:

Kathleen Kirkwood, Shape Wear; Aubrey Organics, 100% Natural Hair, Body & Skin care products; North American Herb & Spice, Oregano Oil; Explorer’s Bounty, Organic & Sustainable Coffee, Tea, Dehydrated Fruit and Chocolate Covered Nuts; Zico, Natural Coconut Water; Tuwa Elements of Earth, Natural Jute Bag; Egg Whites International, Perfect Protein Drink; We Pilates Clothing, Organic Wear for Pilates & Yoga; Dr. Barton Goldsmith, with his book ” Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship”. Michaels Naturopathic Products, Naturopathic Superior Antioxidant Complex; ; Diamond Nexus, Lab Generated Diamonds and Jewels; Natural Approach to a Healthy Relationship; Red Hair Girl Designs, Green Greeting Cards and Jewelry made from Recycled Materials; Fat Cat Energy Drink, Vitamin Energy Supplement; LA Limousine; Property Maid, eco friendly cleaning company;, Pure Organic Wheatgrass;, Recycling Can Be Beautiful; Fuzzy Green Monster, organic eco-friendly children’s apparel; Chews 4 Health; Zrii, Deepok Chopra health drink.Kenny Johnston and the ladies of Aubrey Organics. Aubrey Organics, 100% natural hair, body & skin care products North American Herb & Spice, Oregano oil; Explorer’s Bounty, organic & sustainable coffee, tea, dehydrated fruit and chocolate covered nuts; Zico, natural coconut water; Tuwa Elements of Earth, natural jute bag; Egg Whites International, Perfect Protein Drink; We Pilates Clothing, organic wear for pilates & yoga; Michaels Naturopathic Products, naturopathic superior antioxidant complex; Diamond Nexus, lab generated diamonds and jewels; Red Hair Girl Designs, green greeting cards and jewelry made from recycled materials;, pure organic wheatgrass; Ann-Made, LLC Recycling Can Be Beautiful; Chews 4 Health, multi vitamin supplement; Zrii, multi vitamin health drink;

Non Profits: Ovie Mughelli Foundation; The Creative Coalition; Project Green and Back To Basics Summer Camp;
Paws & Claws Pet Club; CSA;

What is The Creative Coalition?

Antonio Sabato Jr. at ALIVE expo.

Antonio Sabato Jr. at ALIVE expo.


The Creative Coalition is the premier nonprofit, nonpartisan social and political advocacy organization of the entertainment industry. Founded in 1989 by prominent figures in the creative community, including actors Alec Baldwin, Ron Silver, Christopher Reeve, Susan Sarandon, Blair Brown and Stephen Collins, TCC educates and mobilizes leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance, specifically in the areas of First Amendment rights, arts advocacy and public education.

Project Green Educates

Project Green runs an annual “Back to Basics” Summer Camp for children and teens. “Back to Basics” teaches young people how to interact with one another focusing on building self-esteem and awareness for the environment by incorporation challenging and fun activities.

Who is ALIVE! Expo Green?

Alive! Expo Green Pavilion is founded and led by Patrycja Siewert-Towns and Kim Shimmel. As specialists in ‘green’ and in creating brand entertainment /sponsorship opportunities that surround ‘official green’ Hollywood red carpet ceremonies, our focus is on ‘earth friendly’ clients. Our goal is to bring clients into programs that build a platform that will raise awareness in a collaborative effort for all participating members.  Alive! Expo Green Pavilion strives to familiarize clients with our additional brand entertainment services and build a comfort level around our capabilities as event producers and fundraisers.

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