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Invisible System – Punt (Made-In-Ethiopia) New Fusion CD Gets a Five Star Rating

Invisible System, a collection of brilliant musicians searching for a common soul, has made their mark on Punt (Made in Ethiopia). Multi-talented instrumentalist and producer Dan Harper put together an ensemble of talented musicians from Ethiopia and around the world to fuse together twelve compelling songs that will bring out the desire of international travel for all who listen.

Invisible System - Punt Made in Ethiopia

Invisible System - Punt Made in Ethiopia

Punt is an innovative masterpiece that blends high caliber musicians, such as Dan Harper himself, with a collective need for an expression of consciousness. To have such a large group of diverse musicians blend together on these songs makes me realize each of the players on this CD truly ‘left their ego at the door’ during the recordings. With Ethiopian roots, these songs grow without fertilizer and seem to be self watering. Each time you hear the songs, you will hear something different that you did not hear before as this will be the longevity of this world class fusion CD.

Invisible System - Punt Made in Ethiopia

Invisible System - Punt Made in Ethiopia

Using his modular recording studio, Dan Harper has an international guest list that includes Mahmoud Ahmed, Bahta Gebrehiwot, Hilaire Chabby, Justin Adams, Tsedenia, Mimi, Tarmeg, Sami, Joie Hinton, Martin Cradick, Captain Sensible, Ed Wynne, Simon Hinkler, Dubulah, Perch, Juldeh, Elmer Thudd, Gary Woodhouse and Bos. With traditional vocals and modern fusion music you have a melting pot of global music.


Feel the Invisible System groove at

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Written by Gianna Brighton


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  1. Derek McBain

    I can’t agree with you more, I am stunned by the whole package, even the CD art..

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