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Vi Peel: Changing the Face of Chemical Peels

Everyone wants to look young and most people will go to extremes to get younger, beautiful looking skin.  Between painful surgeries and nasty recovery times people should not have to sacrifice comfort for beauty.

Dr. A.F. Kalil has developed a unique product, the Vi Peel, which gives patients dramatic results without the pain and lengthy recovery time that comes with similar procedures.

Dr. Kalil inventor of the Vi Peel

Now available in 40 of the 50 states the Vi Peel does more than remove visibly damaged skin. It treats the skin on a cellular level, working with acids and vitamins to help build collagen, shrink pores and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Kalil graduated from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium. After completing internships, residencies and research on several continents he established the Vitality Institute in South Beach, FL. From there he has gone on to accomplish many advances, including the Vi Peel.

LA’s The Place had a chance to sit down with Dr. Kalil and discuss the benefits of the Vi Peel with him. 

LA’s The Place: What sets the Vi Peel apart from other peels?
A.F. Kalil:  With other treatments the down time is terrible and complications are possible, but the results are great. With the Vi Peel we use the strongest acids, but there is no need for preparation and no pain afterwards. Plus, the down time is really only a few days. 

LATP:  How long after the peel will patients see results?
Kalil:  We give patients moisturizers to help with the peeling and in six to seven days they will have amazing looking skin.

LATP:  How often can a person get a Vi Peel?
Kalil:  The peels are so practical people can have them done three to four times a year. I call it "dentalized skin care"; treat your skin like you treat your teeth. People wait until they are 30 or 40, when their skin is falling apart, to try and repair the damage. However, 80 percent of skin damage for a person’s entire lifetime is done by the age of 18. People don’t wait until they already have cavities to start brushing their teeth and the same should go for their skin, why wait for the damage to be done to start taking care of it.

Before and seven days after the Vi Peel.

LATP:  At what age can people start getting the treatment done?
Kalil:  At age 14 is when the skin starts to become damaged. This is because once a person hits puberty their hormones start changing and they get acne. So I realized that the best way to treat acne scars is to not have them. Prevention is the best way because once you have a scar, you can never fully eliminate it, you can work to minimize it, but it will always be there.

LATP:  What skin problems can be helped with the Vi Peel?
Kalil:  It will help everything: discoloration, scars, fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. 

Vi Peel created by Dr. Kalil.

LATP: Why should someone have the Vi Peel done?
Kalil: A person cannot protect their skin enough. From the time they wake up and light is shining through the windows to when they are sitting under fluorescent lights, damage is always being done. However, if a person keeps getting the Vi Peel applied not only will they repair damage that has already been done but their skin will not get any worse, it will continue to look that healthy for the rest of their lives  People won’t believe your age, it will become just a number now.

For additional information on the Vi Peel, instructional videos or to find a doctor in your area visit or call 310-587-1911.

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Written by Amanda Renner


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44 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Sarah Kabalka

    Wow! What a joke! Minimal down time? I can’t go out. My face is like leather, bright red, and it hurt a lot when applied. So far the claims are not correct. I’m only on day 3 so I’ll be able to see the results hopefully in a few days but for now I look like a red leathery mess.

  2. I personally had this peel done, and it was applied by Dr. Kalil himself, and had no problem whatsoever! I did not feel anything when it was applied, it was quite comfortable. My skin did get a little leathery, but that is part of the process, but it didn’t turn red, just a bit darker. I did have flaking of the skin, but that is part of the process. It turned out beautifully. Perhaps they applied too much of the solution?

  3. V Con

    I had it done last week. I am very happy with the results. Yes my face was red the first two days and then it peeled but that’s what it is supposed to do. Looking better already!

  4. Madison

    I just had the peel done yesterday and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. They cleaned my face with acetone and then they applied the first solution. It felt almost like I had a sunburn, but only for a moment, and then went away. I was afraid I was going to be seriously red because my face is super sensitive, but to my surprise and to the lady who applied it, it wasn’t. I wasn’t even a bronze/brown/orange color either. The smell wasn’t bad either, reminds me of the dentist office. I slept with the solution on and washed my face this morning and used the wipe. It didn’t burn, but about 30 minutes later, my skin started to itch and it’s still itching. I’m sure it’s my skin telling me that it’s ready to peel. My face doesn’t feel dry, or leathery, it actually feels soft – but it seriously itches like crazy!! To relieve it, i’m using a soft cloth over my face to relieve me of this agony. In the take home literature, it states that you can you hydrocortizone. Yea – I think my next stop is the grocery store to buy it!! I’m hoping it will start to peel soon. I’m at work, and nobody has said anything – so far so good.

  5. Kim

    I did the Vi peel today. I was pleased that it was not uncomfortable- but perhaps that is because I am used to peels having done several “vitalize peels” which are TCA also and I use Obagi regularly. So far, so good. No one said anything to me today at work- skin just looked a little bronzed. You usually look worse before you look better is the way I look at peels. I am hopeful and confident. If you have never used RetinA or something of the like, you may be in for a surprise with the redness and/or peeling. But I am thinking the Vi peel is a great thing.

  6. Jolie

    Doing this peel was the WORSE thing that I ever did to my face. I just wanted my face to be brighter and get ride of a pimple scar that I had on my cheek. I did this peel twice. The first time I finished peeling, I broke out all over my cheeks and my face was an uneven color. It was suggested that I do the peel again, so 2 weeks later, I did it again and the results were 10 times worse than the first time! I got dark marks all around my mouth and my scars got worse. I emailed Dr. K about the results and he said that I should have been given bleaching cream to avoid hyperpigmentation. So I have to purchase bleaching cream on top of the extremely expensive VI Peel? He also blamed it on my saying that this was caused because I didn’t use the aftercare products that were given to me. I DID use the products and I think it was just an excuse. I would NOT recommend this peel based on my experience.

  7. Hi,

    Is this product available in U.K.?

    How much and where can I purchase the product?

    Thank you

  8. Tracy

    I had two VI Peels, one in October and one in December. The first one was more painful and and uglier than the second, but still tolerable. When they say that you will look slightly tan after application, well that’s for someone with good skin that is not sun damaged. For me, who has many brown spots from years of sunbathing, looked like a monster. Every brown spot turned very dark to BLACK ( which is a good sign- but extremly ugly). I wished I knew that for I would have taken some time off from work. And of course the brown/black spots were the last to peel.- As for results- I think my skin approved slightly, but most of the brown spots did not budge( they appear slightly lighter). The one brown spot that is quite large totally peeled off and left a pink spot. But over a few weeks, it came right back and is still reorganizing as we speak. — So – I am still a slave to heavy makeup.– It seems it did not do the trick for me. I am now considering lasers.

  9. eva

    ok, I did the peel last night and I used the precision applicator as well – so the areas I used the precision went extremely dark!! – Hope this is normal cuz Ive been having panic attacks looking at it. Does this sound normal anyone????

  10. Sara

    I have had two, I got great results after the first, just slightly red for 1 day and peeled day 2-4, after that I looked great. Second peel more solution was used and it was more painful, with about 3-4 days of heavy peeling and very tender skin. I really like this product, but think you must go to someone experienced in applying the chemical.

  11. Carrie


    i have just gotten the peel friday 27th. i was really red and still am. starting to peel around my mouth. i have broken out bad on my chin area. im guessing it’s from the moisterizer they gave me to use. my face is VERY itchy. im really hoping to see results!

  12. My clinic is in Cardiff,Wales, UK. Except for a clinic in London I believe at the moment I am the only clinic in the UK offering this peel. I have used the peel on quite a few patients now and without exception they love the results. I am now having patients back for a second peel. I have had two of the peels myself and the results were fantastic. I have stopped using the Glycolic acid and TCA peels.

  13. Tierra

    I just got my second peel yesterday and any pain and flaking that I have gone through has been totally worth it. When I went in the first time I had very bad acne and huge scars… This time I went in just to keep working on making my scars less visible. When I got it done last time it completely got rid of the acne on my chin and it still hasn’t come back. I had some on my cheek later but I believe that is fropm sitting on the phone all day at work since it is only on one side. I get so many compliments on my face and people real did notice the difference even without me telling them I had anything done. I used to have to wear full on concealer and foundation and then powder, now all I have to use is a little concealer around my eyes (don’t lie ladies we all get some circles when we don’t sleep. But anywhere the peel was applied I only use powder… I am so happy and so grateful and I can’t wait to see how much better my skin will be after this second one!!!!!

  14. Sarah

    I had this peel recently and it was awful! I would not get it again. My face looks worse than it did before and I had really nice skin prior to the peel. I simply wanted something to make my skin glow and to improve the clarity. Well, I broke out which I never do. Also, my skin has scarring from the peel as well which is hideous! I would not recommend this peel.

  15. Rebecca

    I had the peel four days ago. I love the results so far. I have dark scars and a little acne. But now the scars seem to be fading and the acne gone. I use the hydrocortisone that was suggested and it is working well. I used to tan and use fake tanner to try and cover up my dark spots and acne. I was told not to as it will hyperpigment my skin. I have had laser (very expensive), other chem peels, dermabrasion, you name it. So far the results of this VI Chem peel are the bests. My goal is to not wear makeup to cover up the spots and so far it seems this peel will achieve that. LOOOOOVEEEE it.

  16. Paula

    Is this available in Belgium? and if not, where could I buy it and can I apply it at home?

  17. Veta

    Veta 9/18/09

    I had the vi peel done on sep. the 3rd. and I was in pain for a week and a half ( a lot of itching,burnig, and very irritered).Today I look worst than ever in my life, having the VI Peel had been the wosrt mistake i have ever made.Now I am very worry because i don’t know if the damege that I got is permanent.I went to a dermatologist and he is very worry too,and that scares me the most.I don’t recomend this product at all,not even to my worst enemy.I been as honest as I can be because I really don’t want enybody else getting hurt like I did.!

  18. Melina

    I got the vip precision peel done 3 weeks ago. I had an awful experience like everyone else here. Before I got the peel done, I only had a dime size brown spot on my face. The peel burned me badly, my skin peeled, and hurt so badly that I wanted to peel my face off. Where they applied the precision peel was totally burn almost like a second degree burn. The spots turned awfully brown to black and my face itched like crazy. After all the peeling was done, my face is worst than ever.. I have brown spots where I didn’t have any. and the clinic where I went, prescribed triluma to fade the spots. Why didn’t give me the tril-uma in the first place? Now they say I need a new peel. I will not do one ever again and will not recommend it to anyone.

  19. I had this done by Dr. Kalil, the man who invented this. As I mentioned, it worked fine for me, I personally had no problem. Now, as with any treatment, there are many factors. You can put an application in different hands and your will get as many different results.This is a chemical peel! Find out if the person applying the peel has experience using it and ask to see pictures of results, or talk to previous clients who had it done. Especially if you have never had this done before, find out ahead of time!

  20. It is now the sixth day after getting my peel done and the obvious damage i had done to my skin for years is gone. My skin looks like a teenagers skin and i am 49 years old. I had an eyebrow lift and eyelid surgery about 7 years ago and was considering getting a lower facelift until now! I look younger and no longer feel i would benefit from one this is the best procedure anyone could ever do just make sure you have a qualified person doing it. John Vero Beach Fl

  21. Lilian

    I did this peel three times, first time it hurt like hell for like an hour, I went dark within a day and looked like a monster for 5 days, you need to take time off from work or anywhere people do stare at you, I actually got more brown spots after so I did it a second time which was not as bad but didnt get great results, the third time it barely did anything and now I am gona give it a last try with the precision. I almost wished I hadn’t done it in the first place.

  22. Theresa

    I am considering having this done at Stunning Looks Medispa in Tampa on 12-9-09 and now I am having second thoughts.
    Who thinks this is a bad idea.?

  23. Theresa

    Another question. Because the peel contains Retin A, will it cause more acne breakouts after the treatment is done?

  24. Tonya

    I had the VI Peel done on December 14, 2009 at Skin Savvy in Tampa. No pain or burn whatsoever when applied! My chin began to peel on day three. Today is day 5 and I am REALLY peeling! I love seeing the fresh, pink skin underneath the peeled skin!

    I can’t wait for a few more days to pass so I can see the end result. I am extremely happy with this peel. The ONLY irritation I have is itching, which was quickly relieved with hydrocortisone.

  25. Maria

    I had the VI peel done a week ago today. My face looks like crap. I have way more zits and marks than I started with and I feel so ugly that I don’t want to go anywhere without make up on including the gym. I warned my aesthetician that I thought in the past salicylic acid and retinoids actually made me break out worse and she convinced me that no one has had a problem with this peel and that it improved all her clients skin. I paid 350 dollars to feel better about my face, now I just want to put a bag over it. :( Very upset.

  26. Marcella

    I am on day 4, I knew it was going to peel … but not this bad! it looks like my nose is coming off. You can not put make up on because your skin is two different colors. Dark where it is peeling/going to peel and your natural color where it has peeled. I wish I would have known it was so bad and I would have gotten work off. BUT from what I can see it looks like it is working, it was applied by a professional and she said DO NOT pick or peel any of the skin at all. this is where the pigmentations and scaring come from. so ladies, this is not a sunburn on your back that you peel. LEAVE IT ALONE. I scrubbed with soft approved sponges just a little too hard (trying to cheat and get the yuck off) but where the skin had been prematurely removed was red and sensitive nothing like the rest of my skin. so I think that’s the secret. report back on day 7. best of luck!

  27. Casandra

    I think the vi peel is better than sliced bread! If you had complication your physician probably did it wrong. I had some acne scars not bad but I’ve done the peel 3 times and it is better than incredible!

  28. I am not sure how to feel about this peel. The first time I did it (I applied it myself, I’m a cosmotologist). It cleared up my acne and seemed to fade the red scarring I have from acne. My acne came back with avengance a few weeks later. Now I’m doing it again, but I do feel that there’s a sort of dependence on peeling. I regularly use Jessner and higher % glycolics. I don’t think this kind of peeling is neccesary if you have good enough skin. I would not go to this extreme. Cases can be made either way for this product and this type of approach to variuos skin problems.

  29. Katya

    I love the vi peel. I had it applied by a RN who is also an esthetician. I was good for two days, although my skin felt tighter and a bit darker in color. I peeled on days 3,4, and a bit on day 5. My skin has more clarity and the whole facial contour is tighter. My esthetician/RN, herself, uses vi peel 4x a year. Her skin looks great. I love the vi peel – just what I wanted.

  30. Sandra

    I just had the peel done for the first time on last Friday. I’m on day 4 and STILL waiting to peel. No snakes here.

  31. Catherine

    I had it done by a plastic surgeon that my dermatologist recommended. She actually said she did not want me having a chemical peel done at a spa. The plastic surgeon did a friend’s peel 10 years ago and said that now that he does the VIs, he doesn’t do anything else. I have extensive sun damage from tanning beds. That is my main concern. I am 41, causasian and sensitive skin. Did the peel Wed evening. Was able to keep it on all night. Next day, my skin was very tight and I only wanted to put cool water on it, but used a little very mild soap on it to make sure all the chemical was off. Went to work. I was redder than they say, but I wasn’t going to waste a vacation day for that. My sun damage turned very dark and I have a lot more than I realized. I did not do the towelette until Thursday night, and that was the plastic surgeon’s directions. I use the second towelette tonight. The towelette did not hurt and was kinda soothing. I have started peeling this afternoon, around my mouth and nose. I put burn ointment on it and just cut off what was hanging. I haven’t had to take any meds nor lost sleep over it. But I have been trying to sleep on my back especially the first night, and that is annoying. I want to peel like a lizard, I paid $300 and have damage that I want to undo. I don’t want to feel like nothing today. I really hope those dark things just pop off!!!

  32. diane

    I regret that I ever did it. I’ve always been told that I have beautiful skin. But now I look like a monster, still after almost 2 weeks of having it on. It seems I have more dark spots and scars now. My Dr. gave me the bleaching cream and promise al purple dark leathery patches will go away. I’m praying. I try to cover my face with make up but it look worst. People keep asking me,”what happen to my face?” I thought this was going to help me look younger not uglier. Now my confident just went down the toilet. I would not reccomend this to any one.

  33. Jessica

    I agree with Casandra. I love the Vi Peel and if you’re having problems, most likely your peel was done incorrectly, you were given the wrong post procedure instructions or/and you were picking and pulling at your skin. It is very important that you let your skin peel on its own. You may cause more pigmentation and your skin will feel irritated and raw. In some cases you will peel twice. If pigmentation and scarring appears to be developing you can use a combination of tretinoin and 4% HQ QHS, and topical steriods 3 x a day Post peeling process.
    Vi peels should be applied by Medical Aestheticians, Nurses or Physicians only.

  34. Erica

    I had this peel done seven days ago. It was uncomfortable, and I found myself icing my face at two a.m. That night. I did not like the ugly recovery process but was willing to do it if I had fabulous skin. Well, it looks exactly the same! A little broken out on the chin, and I might look a little “glower” I’m not sure. I’m hoping within a week I’ll look even better. But the truth is my skin is my best feature and it’s what I always get complimented on. So I’m thinking this is better for people who really have challenges. I’m not sure why I did it. I feel like I wasted my money and gave up 5 days to recover. I think it could be great if you have acne.

  35. Angie

    I had the VI peel done 5 days ago. The peel went on smooth no pain it was when I washed my face and use the first towelette that they give you that the pain started. It was burning and itching so bad that I did not sleep that night. I fine that the moisturizer they give made the burning worst. I had to take benadril to be able to sleep the last couple of days. Well the peeling started on day 3 and now day 5 am still peeling with a lot of pain specially my in chin. I feel like my face is on fire. Well I am feeling optimistic and the new skin is looking much better hope all this pain is worth it.

  36. Rochelle

    I am having the exact same experience as ANGIE above..and was hoping for some relief to the pain/itching and I am on day 5 too. The mosturizer, spf cream, hydrocortizone, cleanser, and even neosporin I tried to ease the discomfort, and quickly had to remove them. I got some relief with an ice pack. I have resorted to Tylenol and I already take benadryl like medicine for my allergy without the sleepy effect. I am going to call the place I had the peel done tomorrow. Also, both side of mouth have cracked, making it difficult to yawn, laugh, eat, etc without hurting. And like Angie, just under my chin hurts the most. So I am not putting anything on my face…so it’s just dry and tight. But, I’d rather have that and itching and burning pain from the topicals.

  37. Lori

    I did the VI peel yesterday and it smelled and made my face red a itchy. Today is day 2 and looks red in spots and a little swollen. My neck is itchy as well. I’ll continue to post on day 3. I’m really hoping for peeling and great skin coming in. I hope that this will be worth it!

  38. Robin

    I am interested in this…can you do it yourself and where can you purchase it from???

  39. I recently added the VI Peel to my practice due to the many positive conversations I’ve had with other aestheticians. Before adding it, however, I used it on myself and my office administrator. We both had beautiful results! Since then, I have used in on six of my patients and all have had a very positive experience. When you have a chemical peel there is going to be a certain amount of pain and downtime. Each of these is patient determined (i.e. I don’t mind people seeing me peeling because I am in this business: whereas, if I were in another field it might make a difference to me.) Ask LOTS of questions before you try any type of medical skin care procedure. Also, know that one chemical peel is not going to be a miracle cure. Correcting damage to the skin is a process; there is NO quick fix. There is a very good interview with Dr. Kalil at
    Final advice: choose your skin care professional well; be on an at home skin care regimen that supports the in-office procedures (I prefer Obagi), use Retin-A and SUNSCREEN every single day, and drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of sleep.

    P.S. I am deeply disturbed that some of you are buying this peel on the internet and doing it at home. These are potent acids and should only be applied by qualified professionals.

    P.P.S. I give the VI Peel two thumbs up and can’t wait until my next one!

  40. Sarah

    I had the VI Peel on March 29th (so about 3 weeks ago), and I’m also experiencing a severe acne breakout. I don’t blame the peel or the application of the peel (I had a licensed esthetician at a plastic surgery center apply the peel and she did a great job…didn’t hurt at all). My peel was textbook: skin turned a “tanned” color day 1-2, started peeling on day 3 and continued to shed skin in big thick sheets until day 5, then day 6 my neck and hairline was still a little peely, all done peeling by day 7. Never hurt! Stung a little when applying the VI Derm moisturizer to the the brand new skin. Was definitely uncomfortable and I had to take 2 days off work (which I had already planned to do). After the skin was all done peeling (before the actual breakout started) my skin feel rough and bumpy deep down under the surface. After a few days the bumps started to surface and progressively turned into mega acne! I think that the chemicals are just drawing out the stuff that was deep, deep in my pores. I’m glad it’s all coming out, but it SUCKS to have this type of severe/ acute breakout. To help combat the breakout I’ve started using the VI Derm Complete Care for Acne Prone skin and the VI Derm Cleanser. It’s been almost a week since I started and my skin is getting worse and worse…but again I think it’s a purging thing (doesn’t mean I have to like it!). I purchased a package of 3 peels and I do plan on continuing with them, but I’m going to wait until the breakout is well under control…maybe sometime in the Fall.

  41. nancy

    i used to get the vi peel treatment and noticed that my last peel was not as good as before i asked my aesthetician if the vi peel had change and she looked at the bottle and found out that the vi peel had changed instead of tretinoin or retin a it now says retinaldehyde which i checked and it has no properties in curing any skin problems she suggested that i do the perfect peel i did my research and found out that this new peel has glutathione and kojic acid which are both use for skin lightening so i did the peel and my skin believe it or not was really glowing got rid of my wrinkles and discoloration and my acne and scars i hope you guys try this the website is

  42. This has become the most popular peel used by top med spas all over the country because of its great results.

  43. Kara

    I am a esthetician for a medical office and was told to try this VI peel to see how I liked it. I had beautiful skin and have used the Obagi products for over a year. I tried the product May 10 and had the worst experience ever. The breakouts that I am having is causing me to not wanting to go to work when I am in this field. I am on month 2 now and still have no better skin. My husband is wondering whats going on when I have never broke out in our 18 years of marriage. PEOPLE Please be aware that this might not be for everyone. I am now getting scarring from the acne that makes my skin even worse. After 3 weeks on this my skin went through a major oil excertion. I tried to start my obagi back up and it seems like its making it worse. Oily one day, dry the next. My skin is so imflammed. DO NOT DO IT, I am in the field of skin care and my patients see that something is wrong with my skin and I have to tell them what happen. Sorry VI peel this is not a good one. I wished I would have never tried it.

  44. Frank

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Vi Peel so I can use it at home?

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