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Find Out What the Future Holds From Psychic Barbara Garcia

Psychic and author Barbara GarciaSometimes in life, we need a little help with things we just can’t get a handle on. Using a psychic to get more insight into people or events have become a popular trend. But all psychics are not equal! They all claim to be able to see past ‘the veil", but there is someone with a proven track record. Someone we’ve used who has proven to be amazingly accurate!

And now she is available for you too. Get a phone reading, email consultation or private consultation with acclaimed psychic and author, Barbara Garcia.

In addition to working with individuals, Barbara is renowned for working tirelessly with law enforcement to provide accurate insight on numerous cases including, The Hillside Strangler Case, The Costa Mesa Murderer, The Bird Rock Mystery in San Diego, and
The Yorkshire Ripper of England.

Recognized internationally by the FBI as well as various law enforcement professionals, Barbara proved her accuracy when her predictions were published for the first time in 1979 in “The Unicorn Guide,” each one later turning out to be 100% correct.

After proving her accuracy time and again, Barbara has been featured on documentary “Psychic Phenomena” (CBS), “Horizons in ESP” (BBC/Nova), “Larry King Live” (CNN), and in nationwide publications including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and in the Los Angeles Daily News.

Barbara offers 30 minute phone consultations for $105.00 and private consultations where she will meet with you in person to do an intensive reading for $250.00 an hour.

To receive an email reading from Barbara, simply email a photo of yourself (or whomever you would like to inquire about) with 5-6 very specific questions. Within three business days, Barbara will get back to you with her anaylsis. The cost for email readings is $65.

Barbara also offers private, individual classes in which she will meet with you weekly – while also giving homework assignments – to give you a personalized experience in developing your own ESP. Though she prefers not to put an exact, set time limit on this experience, the 3-hour weekly sessions usually continue for four weeks time. The class will commence with Barbara interviewing you and analyzing your progress before setting up a personalized program to follow at home. The cost for the private class is $2,000.00.

Currently, Barbara continues to take part in paranormal investigations, while also working as an advisor for film and TV programs, teaching and writing. Her latest book, “7 Oracles” helps to guide you on a journey to developing a stronger intuitive sense.
For more information on Barbara, or to schedule a psychic reading, visit

Read more about Barbara in our article here..

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29 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Samantha

    I want to know what my future holds.

  2. elizabeth

    do i have any chance to get back with e…

  3. melanie

    BORN AUGUST 10-1973 wish to know what my future holds

  4. Thank You Karleigh for this great article about my work and my web site.

    I appreciate these comments from Samantha, Elizabeth, Melanie, and I welcome you to visit my site and look over my service page or order my books or prophecy prints. I am happy to offer an autographed copy when you purchase- just mention LA’s The Place in the comment box on the contact page.

  5. catherine benson

    i would like to know if im going to have another baby and if so when. also what the future hold for the next year. thanks

  6. Perla

    what does my future hold for me as far as Love goes, I am pregnant from a 13 year relationship and 2 days before we found out I am pregnant we left eachother. He found someone else which let me to leave him, now I’d like to know if he is going to look for me or notif he does will it be because he loves me or for the child.and when.

  7. jodi

    i would like to know what the major events will be in my life andthe dates

  8. Alison Jameson

    What does the future hold for me?

  9. Paul John Nolan

    Will i ever find a lifetime this year?

  10. Siobhan

    Heya . Is my life going to get any better ? What is my future going to be like. Please email me and let me know. Thanks x x

  11. Chris

    Will I get back together with Jennifer? Please let me know.

  12. jamie

    i want to know will i be successful and happy in the future

  13. Kitrina

    what does my future hold?

  14. i want to know what my future holds…
    i want to know if i’ll be back with K…
    if his mother will accept me and not discriminate against my past and at least talk to me about it.

  15. kiran khan

    hi i wuld lyk 2 no about my future plz

  16. yasmine

    what does my future holds.

  17. ridhima bhatia

    want to know what future holds for me in terms of my career

  18. Ami

    Why do i have this anguish in my heart? What does the future hold for me?

  19. jennifer nava

    im seeing a new man. his name is larry rocha. what does the future hold for us

  20. let me know what the future holds for me thanks

  21. maryanne

    what does the future hold for and my lover?

  22. shadae purchass

    is there anything good instore for me in the future

  23. Jaspreet

    omg i want 2 find out what my future holds

  24. amy

    i was born june 6th and i was wondering what my future holds for me?
    i hope i become an architect!!

  25. Tracey

    Nothing seems to get to a point in my life. When will I be happy and be loved again?

  26. yinet

    i was born 12-21-1983 and i want to know what does the future hold for me?

  27. maria fatima da silva fernandes sardinha

    what does my future hold for me

  28. subhash

    I was born on 02/01/1952 in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa

    I want to know what does the future hold for me???

    Dates of Good and Bad Times,please

  29. LauraLuv

    Do I have any reason to stay alive ? Is there any good future for me?

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