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One-Act Grab Bag Lives!

If you’re an actor, or an acting student, you know how difficult it is to find really great original pieces to perform onstage or in acting class, or even for your reel. At the urging of his associates, Ron Micci has resurrected his eclectic mix of poetic and satirical one-act plays and sketches, The One-Act Grab Bag, and they are now available online.

Home to a wide-ranging selection of over 50 wonderful one-act plays and sketches, many of them perfect for auditions, the Grab Bag contains both comic and deeply emotional dramatic fare, including monologues and duets.  Set and staging requirements are minimal.  It also contains sitcom and screenplay material.  You can sample each and every script, and get downloads of complete scripts right from the website in seconds. So come and browse – that special audition piece or one-act play for your next show may be only a short mouse click away.

Many have been performed at a number of New York venues including The Producers Club, Theatre-Studio, the Kraine Theater, in conjunction with the Turnip Theatre Company’s Annual 15-Minute Play Festival and the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. "Thebes Like Us" was chosen as a finalist in the 1996 Strawberry One-Act Festival, and "Moonlight’s Little Madness," a werewolf farce, growled its way into the finals of the Enchanted Players’ First Annual One-Act Play Competition and was performed at the Darress Theatre. His gender-bending spoof of the Old South, "The Lady Gentian Violet," first read as part of First Stage/Hollywood’s annual Playwrights Express, has been performed at the Riant Theatre in New York. His plays have also been staged in Lawrenceville and Princeton.
Acting editions of his one-acts "Addie & Me" and "Night and the Proofreader" are available from Brooklyn Publishers (



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  • Finally, Ron Micci’s wide range of brilliant writing is getting the attention is deserves. Highly recommend people to view Mr. Micci’s work and it will “rip” doors open with it’s originality and talent. Great things can be done with this fantastic talent.