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Stop Silent Inflammation with Ultra-Refined Fish Oil from Zone Labs

I normally don’t place products here in the features column, but I felt this was such an important product and information, I wanted?it to be prevalent.?Silent inflammation is no minor matter. It is the condition behind all diseases. It starts with your body’s eicosanoids, hormones that under normal conditions induce protective swelling at injury sites (such as a bruise). With silent inflammation, however, these eicosanoids target fat cells, filling them with arachionic acid (AA), which in turn creates even more inflammatory eicosanoids. You’re caught in a vicious cycle, where eicosanoids fill your fat cells with AA, and your body manufactures more fat cells to absorb the AA. Left unchecked, silent inflammation takes its toll on your heart, brain, and immune system, ultimately resulting in chronic disease, such as very prevelant cancer, which is hitting everyone at every age.

Zone Omega fish oil.Despite the dire outlook, silent inflammation is wholly preventable, and the knowledge is spreading. In fact, the best antidote to silent inflammation is staying healthy through diet and exercise. Research has also shown that you can greatly cut your risk of silent inflammation by supplementing your meals with ultra-refined fish oil, particularly by increasing the amount of long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acid such as EPA and DHA concentrate found in oily cold water fish and fish oil. Studies conducted on Greenland Eskimos and the Japanese population.

For various reasons, however, not everyone may want to eat that much fish, despite the potential health benefits. It might be a matter of taste; fish is not a staple food in certain cultures and households. More alarmingly, fish has become an unwitting magnet for harmful chemicals such as PCBs, DDT, and mercury that have been dumped into our oceans and streams. Increased consumption of fish can translate into increased exposure to these dangerous substances; for this reason, women, in particular, are advised not to eat fish while pregnant.

Neither of these factors has to stand between you and optimum health. By incorporating ultra-refined fish oil, available in neutral-flavored and easy-to-swallow capsule form, in your diet, you can enjoy all the advantages of EPA and DHA without the risks listed above. Unlike regular fish oil capsules sold at health food stores, retail drugstores, or supermarkets, ultra-refined fish oil tablets don’t simply concentrate those nasty toxins in a new form. Instead, they undergo a meticulous manufacturing process – which requires almost 100 gallons of health-food-grade fish oil to produce just 1 gallon of ultra-refined EPA and DHA concentrate – to achieve the utmost purity, free of toxins. The final result from taking ultra-refined fish oil: a lower risk of heart disease, higher energy levels, increased metabolism, and a better balance of moods.

These factors and more have made ultra-refined fish oil a favorite of Dr. Barry Sears, originator of the Zone Diet and an expert in the field of dietary control of hormonal response. Dr. Sears and Zone Labs even offer OmegaRx, a line of ultra-refined long-chain omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Each dose of OmegaRx has twice the level of EPA and DHA, qualifying it for the “ultra-refined” label and surpassing the International Fish Oil Standards quality scores.

When combined with the healthy Zone Diet, Zone Labs’ OmegaRx helps reduce silent inflammation and sustain a healthy heart, brain, and immune system, as well as agile joint movement and sound emotional well-being. EicoRx kicks up your metabolism and decreases inflammation in the fat cells, thus preventing inflammation from spreading to other organs and ultimately guarding against chronic disease. Finally, EicoPro is perfect for athletes who want to reach new heights. This EPA/DHA-enriched concentrate diminishes inflammation, increases aerobic activity, enhances muscle repair, and boosts metabolism.

Silent inflammation can be prevented with the straightforward prescription of diet and exercise. But to give yourself the extra advantage, you should look into the benefits of ultra-refined fish oils, and it’s never been easier to do so with the OmegaRx line from Zone Labs. These supplements can make the difference between living and living well.

Dr. Sears – Zone Living

Zone Products: Omega-3 Concentrates ?

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Written by Gianna Brighton


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