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The Tech Stars of The Academy Awards

 With my top secret clearance, I am often invited into underground testing laboratories of companies to witness their latest and greatest inventions, new products and discoveries. Along with that, I have the inside track on what the stars love and the technologies behind their beauty secrets! As the Academy Awards is approaching many are asking, “How do the stars do it? What are their secrets?” While I can’t tell you for sure who is going to win, I can let you in on some inside scoop about what the stars love!

First secret is a little known, but exclusive and popular technology break through in men’s shoe fashion…Standing on the red carpet, answering dozens of reports questions and then staying up all night at the after parties, one’s feet can begin to ache. But stars knowing this secret technology won’t be wishing for their sandals. Enter the Catapult MMXT3 Gravity Defyer Shoe from Scientists were investigating materials for shock absorption during earthquakes. Using this research they created an energy reciprocating, shock absorbing sole. As you step, the shoe gives you the feeling of jumping like a kangaroo. If nothing more, the gravity defying shoes will turn the least likely star into a taller, more confident secret agent man.
And when you see the stars on the red carpet, many people ask, “Why does their skin look so smooth and glowing?” Collagen is part of the answer. This top star’s next beauty secret will take you back to 9th grade biology class (Don’t worry- no frogs to dissect here….) As we age, the cells that manufacture collagen and elastin – your skin’s support system, slow down. Sun exposure accelerates this process, resulting in a chemical imbalance under your skin.
In school we learned that mitochondria are our cell’s powerhouse that converts energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate.) Physical therapists have been using various types of light therapy to heal injuries. Even the NASA space program has shown that LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth. And now based on similar principles, light therapies are being used to enhance beauty by helping your cells to produce more energy (ATP.) The more ATP, the more fuel your cells have for the repair and rejuvenation process. ( Independent laboratory studies have shown that increased ATP reverses the effects on aging skin. This is because the powerful cellular energy boosts collagen levels, smoothes the skin’s appearance, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and activates key healing properties RejuvaWand technology is based on unique high power light emitting diodes (LEDs), which have been proven in independent research to safely deliver powerful cosmetic, hygienic and therapeutic benefits. Another beauty secret to a many a star, “Does this mean the end of collagen injections?” Probably not too soon… But these new technologies are catching on because there are no painful needles! (Note: Everyone’s skin type absorbs various wavelengths of light differently. It’s vital to see an experienced doctor when choosing new innovative treatments. After all, you only have one face!)

And how do the stars get from here to there on the big Oscar night? Some cruise via It’s the world’s largest fleet of private jets. The great thing about it? You only own a share of a Jet, i.e., you only buy, when you need to fly. And once back at home, how do the stars relax after a big night out? They curl up on their sofa in their very own luxury, mini-home theatre, courtesy of complete with a HDTV cinema screen, automated drapery systems that close by themselves. The lighting, home security and pool and spa climate is fully integrated and can be controlled at the touch of button. The life of the Jetson’s is finally here!

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