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The Zone Has Entered a New Stratosphere

The Zone Diet, Jennifer Aniston the perfectly balanced?food plan that not only has proven success for weight loss but?for better health,?has teamed up with Cedarlane foods?to create Zone frozen meals. The meals, which include breakfasts, lunches,?and dinners,?tastes great and are all-natural! This makes adhering to this perfect diet plan convenient and easy. This is truly salvation for all who have failed on unhealthy weight loss attempts on all other diets.?This?brand new all-natural frozen meal plan helps to not only create healthy weight loss, but to detox and balance the body at the same time.

The famous ?Zone Diet?, created by internationally known best-selling author Dr. Barry Sears, is widely regarded as the healthiest, most balanced and most nutritionally-sound diet you can choose.? Dr. Sears? best-selling Zone Diet books have sold more than 5,000,000 copies since his revolutionary first book, The Zone, came out in 1995. Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Renee Zellweger, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Winona Ryder, Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson, as well as top Olympic athletes, have followed and praised The Zone Diet, as have more than five million loyal Zone dieters.
For the first time ever, the same diet that helps the stars lose pounds and stay healthy will be available in the freezer section of your neighborhood Ralph?s supermarket. Weight-loss and healthy eating have never been easier!The Zone Diet frozen dinners are about simplicity, but they?re also about health. When we?re in a rush, what do we grab for? The quickest thing that?s easiest to make, that?s usually not the healthiest. Zone_Diet_Lasagna.jpgThe Zone Diet understands this, and also understands that knowing what to cook for a healthy, balanced meal can be not only time consuming but frustrating. With their frozen meals, all the thinking is done for you. And you won?t find any of the preservatives or extra sodium found in most other frozen entrees. That?s because the science behind The Zone is a whole new way of thinking about food. It?s not about low-fat meals, fat-free carbohydrates, or high-protein regimens with prolonged hunger and deprivation. The Zone Diet is a moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, moderate-fat lifestyle plan. It?s everything in balance and moderation. For years the diet has been available through an expensive home delivery service, making it hard for us regular folks to join the bandwagon. Now The Zone Diet has become even easier with its partnership with Cedarlane, an organic frozen foods company. Cedarlane is already a leader in natural and organic products; teaming up with The Zone means healthful, balanced, and convenient eating for you.As most of us know, weight gain and the inability to shed unwanted pounds are very complex?and can be very frustrating. We are fed slogans ?eat less, exercise more,? but these have had little effect on the growing obesity epidemic in this country. Here?s something you may not know: excess weight gain is caused by an inflammatory condition within the fat cell and, left uncontrolled, makes it increasingly difficult to stop the accumulation of body fat and lose weight. When inflamed fat cells go bad, this triggers systemic inflammation throughout the body, increasing numerous health risks related to heart, brain and immune function. Calorie restriction or increased exercise is forever doomed to failure unless you first control inflammation within the fat cell. Controlling inflammation in the fat cell requires an understanding of how three inter-related hormonal systems dictate weight gain and the ability to successfully reduce body fat. The foods you eat are key in controlling these hormones. It?s not about calories; it’s about hormonal balance within a Zone that makes weight loss a reality without hunger or deprivation. No drug can reverse this inflammatory condition, only the foods you eat.Because of this, the meals have more side effects than just weight loss. Dr. Sears promises that eating three meals and two snacks a day will make you feel more energetic and alert, and you won?t feel hungry between meals. You?ll also be eating in a way that we now know helps to prevent the onset of many chronic diseases. And they food tastes great! Whether it be pizza, lasagna, omelettes, burritos, enchiladas or pasta, there?s something to satisfy everyone in the household. My 12 year old son loves the meals. The greatest part is the satisfaction you?ll get from knowing that you?re feeding your family the healthly, wholesome foods. You?ll not only lose weight, but you?ll be feeding their bodies with the nutrients they need for long and healthy lives. The food is delicious, and is also a good-sized portion! How much better does it get than that, when you can prepare something on the go and know you are giving your child a balanced, healthy, nourishing meal, instead of all the processed, genetically-engineered food that’s known to cause cancer?

I personally have waited for the day that a line of frozen meals that were organic and natural were available. As a very busy person, I?ve spent up to 10-12 hours a day working on my computer, and when I?m not here, I?m attending events (usually with delicious gourmet food and drink). Needless to say, not eating properly and that effect on my energy caused me to gain some weight. I decided to try the Zone/Cedarlane frozen meal plan. I will be documenting my journey here on L.A.?s The Place, and share a first hand account of my experience.
It?s been two days since I began and I am happy to share that the meals are delicious. Cheese and asparagus omelettes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, lasagna for dinner, with healthy snacks in between. And, if I didn?t experience this for myself, I would not have believed it, but after just the first day, I felt a big difference in my body, a feeling of proper balance, a lightness, as surprising as that may sound. And, I wouldn?t have believed that fact that you just do not feel hungry! I have low blood sugar, and if I don?t eat every 3 hours I tend to feel light headed. Not with the Zone Diet. I do not have that drop in blood sugar that left me feeling light headed if I ddn’t eat. I actually don?t feel the need to eat, I feel energetic and have to remember when it?s time to have a meal again. There is just something about the right combination that your body just loves.?I will keep you posted on my journey of eating the proper balance of foods as outlined in the Zone Diet, how I feel throughout my time on the Zone Diet. After reading of the research Dr. Sears has devoted to this dietary plan, and after experiencing it for myself, I am convinced of the ability of the new all-natural product to not only create healthy weight loss, but to detox and balance the body at the same time.?I will be sharing my journey with weekly updates on my progress. How much better does it get than this ? my readers being my ?support system?!? I am so enthusiastic about this wonderful combination of Zone balanced meals coupled with Cedarlane organic and natural foods, that I want to share it with our readers.?In my opinion,?this is the best thing that ever happened to weight loss and the quest to get healthy. Read about my journey in the Zone here.

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